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here, all are welcome.


Come enjoy this rare and unique treasure of Sheridan.  All are welcome to enjoy this garden.  Given to us by Bing & Betty Jackson was not just a garden space, but the hope for a peaceful, natural, setting for anyone to experience the joy from gardening and the natural world that they did.  We open our gates to the community with the same hope.

Please note that produce and flowers are for the garden members only. We do not sell to the public at this time. Thank you!


Open to the public.  All are welcome at the garden!

How to Enjoy the Gardens:

  • Explore the Gardens

  • Picnic & Gazebo Area,  Garden Seating

  • Children's Play House, Swings & Sandbox

  • Bird Watching

  • Creekside Nature Trail

  • Beautiful Lawns & Open Space for Recreating

  • Off Street Parking in the upper East end

  • Handicapped Accessible Pathways

Open Daily

All Year

Dawn till Dusk

Dogs welcome on a leash.

Don't forget to close the gates so our deer friends stay out!

Jacksons Garden-5084.jpg
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