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Honoring the legacy. 

a beautiful place for all

Our Mission

Jackson's Garden is beautiful flower and vegetable garden created so that all may experience nature and beauty in a peaceful setting, now and for future generations. 

Jackson's Garden is a nonprofit, 501-c-3,  community garden in Sheridan Montana. Since 2009, we have been helping our community grow fresh healthy foods, stay fit, and enjoy the benefits of our natural world.

How do we do it?

A Shared Gardening Experience

Growing produce in Montana shouldn't be so hard.  But, with our short growing season and persistent wildlife, growing food here can be tough and expensive.  Our garden is maintained as one shared garden.  By growing together, we are able to cultivate a larger variety of vegetables, for longer in the season, and with more conservative water usage, all thanks to our deer fence, irrigation system, and greenhouses. 

Preserving the Legacy

Bing & Betty Jackson grew not only an incredible garden, but their community as local teachers, coaches, and mentors.  We believe in growing and sustaining this legacy for future generations.  Join us in preserving this beautiful legacy for the community to enjoy. 

Community Enjoyment

This garden is for all to enjoy.  Originally bequeathed to the community for their gardening enjoyment, this local oasis has become so much more with it's local events, beautiful lawns, nature trail, gazebo, and children's play area.

Beautiful Venue Rental

Looking for a beautiful setting to entertain your guests? Rent this beautiful space for your own private special occasions.  From parties to weddings, business functions and public events, all are welcome to utilize our garden as a private venue space.

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