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eat well, stay fit 

& give back. 

Why Become a Member?

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With our short growing season and persistent wildlife, growing food here can be tough and expensive.  By growing together, we are able to cultivate a larger variety of vegetables, for longer in the season, and with more conservative water usage.  Grow side by side with friends, fill your table with healthy foods, spend time outdoors in nature, and give back to your community!

  • Stay Fit 

  • Eat Healthy, Fresh, & Locally Grown Produce

  • Spend Time Outdoors

  • Great Gardening Facility - deer fence, greenhouse, irrigation system!

  • Beautiful, Peaceful, Creekside Setting

  • Give Back to your Community by Cultivating a Place for All to Enjoy

Membership is not limited to

growing vegetables.


Do you have a skill or interest other than gardening that you'd

like to contribute?  You can be a member too!  


  • Grower: for flowers or vegetables

  • Grounds work & maintenance

  • Educational Programs

  • Proposals & Grant Writing

  • Activities & Events

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How do I become a member?

  • Click the button below to fill out the Membership Application

  • We'll be in touch shortly with the Member Agreement Form

  • Sign & Return the form in the mail, with your annual dues of $50

  • Come to the garden for your first orientation!  Meet the members and learn how the garden works

  • Get started giving back to your community!

How does membership work?

Annual Dues

$50 per year. This covers the cost of seed and supply needs for the season. 

This fee may be waived or reduced for those unable to afford it. 

Time Commitment

Time commitment may vary based on your particular participation in the garden.  Growers can expect to spend anywhere from 12-20 hours per month in the spring/summer growing season.  

Voting Rights

All members are welcome to our public meetings, and may vote on pertinent issues. 

A Share of the Harvest

Members are welcome to take their share of produce and flowers throughout the season.  Enjoy the fruits of your labors! The content and size of shares will vary depending on the time of season.

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