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Recipe Pages Under Construction

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our older pdf files online. If you look at a recipe and it appears to be missing the photos, try downloading it to your computer to view there. We hope to have this issue resolved soon, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Jackson Gardens

Rose, Lily & Perennial photos and details are online! Click on an album above to view, or go to the plant page to see more albums and sortable tables with blooms colors and seasons, heights and more.

The Jackson Gardens Nursery is now closed for the winter.. Click here for more information.

The Jackson Gardens e-Store IS open again to ship your orders of organizing boxes and recipe book supplies!

Learn about sausage and how to make your own on the new Sausage Lesson.

Save 50% On Groceries

You can save 50% on your groceries and become more self-reliant by learning to buy foods in season and on sale, and to produce and preserve food from home. We can all spend less on food, eat more healthy meals and spend more time with our families by applying the principles taught in these lessons.

Email Groups

Taking advantage of local food sales will help you learn to live within your means. The Patterns for Family Living email groups allow us to share sale, gardening and home organization information with each other. Garden Trade groups are local email groups that help people connect to trade and share their garden produce, home made products, fish & game, and labor.

See a list and descriptions of all groups

Patterns for Family Living
Kenai Peninsula Garden Trade
Kenai Patterns for Family Living
Jackson Gardens Berry U-Pick
Jackson Gardens Organics
Movie Recommendations

Online Lessons

Check out our newest gardening lessons! These previews provide an overview of the lessons that will be posted this year. REVISED 04/2014
Gardening Resources—Preview
Indoor Gardening Without Dirt—Preview
Indoor Gardening With Dirt—Preview

View online lesson list to see the lessons that are currently available, or view full lesson list for a complete list of Bobbie’s upcoming lessons.


Sister Jackson’s recipes are simple enough for the whole family to use and have different vegetable and ingredient options so you can customize them to your tastes and the ingredients you have on hand.  Color photos show recipe variations.

Sister Jackson’s recipes are designed to be grouped into recipe binders according to the main ingredient to aid menu planning and cooking depending on the season and your available ingredients.
The Turkey Cooked Broth recipes are uploaded! There is also a new Recipe Book Lesson so you can learn how to put your book together and how to use this amazing resource to save money and eat better. We are very excited and hope you are too!

Home Organization

Organize your home, kitchen, pantry and cupboards using boxes! Take the Boxes Lesson for an overview and description of each box sold on this website and learn how to use them in every part of your home.

Purchase boxes online and have them shipped to your home, or pick them up from Jackson Gardens if you are in Soldotna, Alaska.